Make it Wild! ​​​​​ - Make your own fur accessory.


Join us for a fantastic morning of crafty fun and learn how to create beautiful pieces with Yukon wild fur from local traplines.

  • Pompoms
  • bow ties
  • personalized accessories…

Each participant will take home their very own fur accessories.



In collaboration with UNFURLED:

Yukon fur real is a “buy-local” movement supported by the Yukon Trappers Association and the North Yukon Renewable Resources Council. It’s main event is unfurled, a fur celebration and marketplace held in Whitehorse in March 2018.


  • Share stories of Yukon trappers and crafters in our communities
  • Celebrate the rich history and sustainable future of Yukon’s fur industry
  • Increase awareness of current approaches to trapping and the rules that govern this activity in Yukon
  • Show why our small, local industry provides an ethical and sustainable choice when it comes to purchasing fur products.


Brought to you in partnership with:

Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhansement Trust



Saturday, February 3, 2018
Saturday, February 3, 2018
10:00am to 1:00pm


Lisa Preto
Lisa grew up in Whitehorse, but had no real experience with trapping or remote back country travel until her partner Andy, relatively new to the Yukon at the time, became enthused by the idea of working a trapline. It wasn’t long before Andy was assisting on a trapline and honing his skills. Now the couple work two of their own traplines — one near their home in Haines Junction, the other near their cabin in Mayo. Lisa also makes fur accessories such as parka ruffs and headbands to sell locally and online. These garments are plastic-free, biodegradable and will last for decades. Read more: