Yukon Tough is a unique clothing company that offers custom made garments and clothing apparel. They make many of their products using wild Yukon fur.

SKOOKUMbrand® is custom-made in Canada’s Yukon Territory by Northern Garments Inc. Winner of national awards for design and innovation, Northern Garments Inc. (NGI) is founded on principles of design integrity, quality workmanship, and sustainable & respectful resource use. Within these parameters, NGI makes clothing and accessories from the north, for the north.

Inspired by the wild and rugged north, Shelley’s products are her interpretation of the natural and often harsh elements of her environment. Her work explores the confluence of natural elements, converting them in metal to obscure the connection between natural forms and the body.

Nancy Hagar is a native cultural art instructor Na Cho Nyak Dun First Nation. She is a strong advocate for traditional First Nation art practices and uses fur, quills, moose hair and skins in her own creations.

Award winning hand sewn high quality furs and bead work to keep you warm on the coldest of trips or for a fashionably beautiful way to keep your hands warm every day. Strong supporter of northern hunters, trappers and tanners.

Lena was born and raised by her grandparents in the Teslin/Johnson's Crossing area. Taught by her grandmother to sew and tan moose skin, Lena makes a variety of products, including jackets, slippers, vests, mukluks and fur hats, with her home-tanned moose or caribou hides.

Megan Melanson and her husband Brian live on a remote trapline in the central Yukon each winter. She creates warm and functional products with the fur they trap.

Yukon Trappers Association is a non-profit organization which provides Yukon Trappers with education, information, services and equipment for the trapline operation. They also sell fur and fur products.

The NYRRC is established under the Vuntut Gwitchin Final Agreement is a voice for local community members around the management of renewable resources including furbearers and commercial activities such as trapping. They are the local fur depot and can connect interested buyers with local trappers and crafters.